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Crossfield Ag Society Community Garden

The Crossfield Ag Society provide a place for neighbors to meet and share a common interest in gardening as well as provide community members of all ages and abilities an accessible place to garden.

The garden is located in the green space between the Rockyview Lodge and Dr.Whillans Manor. Plots are available for rent based on 50 or 100 sq ft.



Our community garden aims to bring the community together by social well being and uses workshops, events, and group activities focused on gardening. 

Our objective is to bring everyone from children to seniors together and share experiences while growing local foods that benefit the community as a whole. 

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The Crossfield Children's Summer Garden Program is a weekly program aimed at providing nature awareness, food literacy, gardening skills, and  activities  to Crossfield children between the ages of two and eight.

Please pre-register via this event. Space is limited. Follow us on Facebook or send us an email by

Childrens Gardening Program

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